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      3. Welcome to Purity Products?


        Thank you for your interest in joining the team at Purity Products?.
        Please check our Indeed job page for current openings.


        Purity Products? — Making A Difference & Making America Healthier

        We are looking for qualified, professional, courteous, enthusiastic people to join our Team who share our vision, commitment and passion for health and excellence. Our top notch Training Academy is dedicated to developing your skills so you can excel in delivering and achieving excellence. 

        What Inspires Us At Purity Products?

        At Purity Products?, we aim high. We're inspired by a culture of collaboration—driven by values, motivated by a sense of teamwork, accountability, shared vision and goals. We work hard, but at the same time, we enjoy the satisfaction of knowing our cutting-edge nutritional formulations deliver good health and positively impact our customers. With more than 1 million customers, at Purity our mission is to make "America healthier one customer at a time.”

        It is for this reason that we seek out the most qualified individuals to fill our positions and take pride in doing so. We make no compromises in our pursuit for superior products, so we would never settle for anything less in terms of our employees. At Purity Products we believe our most valuable resource and asset is our people.

        Thank you for taking an interest in Purity Products and we look forward to connecting with you in the near future.


        Still Growing After All These Years

        Purity Products? was founded in 1993 by current President and CEO Jahn Levin. What started as a three-person operation has blossomed into a thriving, multimillion dollar nutritional health products company.

        Fore more than 25 years, Purity Products? has thrived, and our dedication to evidence-based nutraceuticals has grown. Our headquarters are located in Plainview, New York, and with our newly renovated facility, we have made greater commitments to technology and dedicated even more resources to providing our customers with the best possible service. With a broader customer service department, larger panel of experts and larger shipping facilities, we look forward to serving our customers for a long time to come.

        Purity Products? has strong core values and believes in the fundamental principles of integrity, commitment, and corporate responsibility. We work with the Vitamin Angels Alliance and Island Harvest to help make the world a healthier place to live. The key factor in the success of Purity Products? has been our relentless pursuit of quality in every single product we carry.

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        What To Expect When You Work At Purity Products?

        • A highly competitive compensation structure, including healthy end-of-year performance bonuses.
        • Daily one-hour paid breaks.
        • Paid personal time off, sick time and holidays
        • Comprehensive benefits package including: Health/Dental/Vision, 401K, Profit Sharing, LTD, STD, Life Insurance, and AD&D
        • On-site paid training programs.
        • Access every day to health products and vitamins for FREE, company discounts on all products.
        • A relaxed environment with recognition, rewards, and fun events. Think foosball tournaments, basketball and softball teams, picnics, pizza parties, and wearing jeans and sneakers to work.
        • Opportunities for growth and advancement.
        • Integrity, team spirit, and values you can take pride in.
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